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Understanding real estate from Singapore-based investor Gordon Tang

Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang, who is based out of Singapore, is known for his real estate adventures and acquisitions. With his wife, Mrs. Celine Tang, he propelled into the spotlight when they went for a conditional agreement with Haiyi Holdings and acquired a share. Sing- Xpress Land was then renamed as SingHaiyi Group, for which Gordon tang serves as the non-executive director, while Mrs. Tang is the Group Managing Director. The Tangs were always interested in real estate and had investments in condos and strata offices in Singapore. Their approach has been very specific – strong partnerships, strategic networking and effective property enhancement.

Under his vision and expertise, SingHaiyi has already completed a 500+ condo project in Singapore, and it is expected to complete a similar one in San Francisco Bay, California by 2019. It is quite evident that Mr. Tang way of business is about acquiring assets with the intention of further development. He knows that SingHaiyi is seen and perceived as an offshore developer, which doesn’t stop him from taking chances. In fact, the group is already exploring possible choices and exposure in other regions, including Europe and Australia, and have acquired a share in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group.

How Gordon Tang is taking SingHaiyi to new heights in real estate!

Chinese businessman and real estate tycoon Gordon Tang is known for his association with the SingHaiyi Group, which also includes his wife – Mrs. Celine Tang, who is the Group Managing Director. Along with Mr. Neil Bush, who is the Non-Executive Chairman and brother of former US president George Bush, Gordon Tang has been redefining real estate investment dynamics. Despite being seen as an overseas developer, SingHaiyi has managed to acquire in the US, besides investments in Malaysia, Singapore and China. The Tangs and Mr. Bush also work together for Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which is a part of the group and owns many hotels under the Haiyi brand in the US. F

or Mr. Tang, the idea is to explore new markets, and his team is already researching and studying European and Australian markets. The group has gained a 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group, which promises to offer the exposure that Mr. Tang needs in the continent. Add to that, various new condo projects are in the pipeline, and more acquisitions are likely, which certain is the way of working for SingHaiyi. It is also expected that SingHaiyi will strengthen its presence in the existing markets, and Mr. Tang will have a big role in that.

Mr. Gordon Tang Promises To Redefine Real Estate Through Singhaiyi Group Ltd!

Mr. Gordon Tang is the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group Ltd and a member of the Remuneration Committee. He started off in 1995, when he launched Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd. In 2003, he came up with Haiyi in Singapore, which focused corporate, financial and trade investments. Thanks to his vision and foresight, APIC has built a commendable record in real estate development, investment and hotel managed under the much-famed Haiyi brand. Besides his work with the brand, which keeps him busy in Singapore and the US, he is also the honorary chairman of clan-association Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan and advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore. He also serves as the President of Cambodia Sailing Federation.

With non-executive chairman Neil Bush and Group Managing Director Mrs. Celine Tang, who is also his spouse, Mr. Tang aims to take SingHaiyi Group to the next level and invest in distressed real estate through state auctions in the US and sell the properties later after refurbishment for a profit. Using his business acumen and Mrs. Tang’s experience, SingHaiyi Group Ltd aims to take asset enhancement, property development, and proactive property management to the next level. Mr. Gordon Tang hinted that the company may look beyond Asia and USA in the future.

Gordon Tang: Embracing Positive Business Opportunities

Chinese investors have been major property buyers in Singapore. The promising prospects in Singapore business properties have caught the attention of many business moguls including Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang.  Mr. Tang is the head of property developer Singhaiyi Group and a shareholder of Haiyi Holdings, together with his wife Celine Tang.

His Interest In REITs

The group is building a brand in Singapore through its upcoming residential projects.  But, the softening of the property outlook and the huge stamp duty imposed by the government in Singapore on foreign property buyers have pushed investors like Tang to focus on buying REITs. Tang work alongside other investors in the initial public offerings of Frasers Hospitality Trust and OUE Commercial REIT. It has been said that Tang’s exposure to OUE C- REIT could increase after selling his Cambridge Industrial Trust (CREIT) stake to Wheelock Properties. Reports also show that Tang owns 7.8% of Suntec REIT and around 9.7% of OUE Hospitality Trust.

Diversion to Commercial Development

As Tang’s SingHaiyi Group is planning to establish its branding in property development, they are diversifying to commercial development in Singapore and abroad. They are currently considering exploring the European and Australian markets and gaining an understanding of their business environments.

Here’s how Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang is acquiring global real estate!

Real estate isn’t flourishing everywhere, but Chinese business tycoon Gordon Tang believes that this can be a good opportunity for investors. He is the Non-Executive Director of Singapore-based SingHaiyi Group, which now has assets in the US and is already eyeing opportunities in Australia and Europe. Under the capable guidance of Mr. Gordon Tang, his wife and Group Managing Director Mrs. Celine Tang, and Non-Executive Chairman Neil Bush, the company has managed to create raves with its projects. The Vales – the 517-unit executive condo project in Sengkang – has been hugely successful, and the company has acquired 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group. Mr. Tang is also a substantial shareholder in OUE Commercial REIT.

The association between Tangs and Mr. Bush is a long one, and their company – Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC) – owns and manages many assets and hotels in the US, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Mr. Tang is also interested in other activities and serves as an advisor for Windsurfing Association of Singapore and as the president of Cambodia Sailing Federation. With his wife, he remains active in real estate and hopes that SingHaiyi Group will find its footing in all major regions and continents.

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