Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang, who is based out of Singapore, is known for his real estate adventures and acquisitions. With his wife, Mrs. Celine Tang, he propelled into the spotlight when they went for a conditional agreement with Haiyi Holdings and acquired a share. Sing- Xpress Land was then renamed as SingHaiyi Group, for which Gordon tang serves as the non-executive director, while Mrs. Tang is the Group Managing Director. The Tangs were always interested in real estate and had investments in condos and strata offices in Singapore. Their approach has been very specific – strong partnerships, strategic networking and effective property enhancement.

Under his vision and expertise, SingHaiyi has already completed a 500+ condo project in Singapore, and it is expected to complete a similar one in San Francisco Bay, California by 2019. It is quite evident that Mr. Tang way of business is about acquiring assets with the intention of further development. He knows that SingHaiyi is seen and perceived as an offshore developer, which doesn’t stop him from taking chances. In fact, the group is already exploring possible choices and exposure in other regions, including Europe and Australia, and have acquired a share in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group.